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The HIV/AIDS Program coordinates statewide HIV/AIDS prevention and care services for Iowa residents. The HIV/AIDS Program consists of these components: Prevention, Care & Support Services, Data & Disease Reporting, and an HIV/AIDS/Hepatitis Integration Project.

Prevention Activities - The Prevention Program works with local health departments and community-based organizations to provide free HIV counseling and testing services, health education and risk reduction activities, and health communication/public information activities for high-risk individuals. IDPH also provides services for newly diagnosed people, including free counseling and testing of partners; referrals for drug treatment, case management, mental health services; and individual counseling on protecting their partners from acquiring HIV.

Care & Support Services - The Ryan White Title II Program, which includes the AIDS Drug Assistance Program, collaborates with local health departments and community-based organizations to provide HIV/AIDS medications and essential health and support services to low income, HIV-infected individuals and their families.

Data & Disease Reporting - The Surveillance Program collects, analyzes, and compiles data on the HIV and AIDS epidemic in Iowa. Reports are issued to characterize the distribution of HIV infection and AIDS in terms of geography, race, sex, age, and associated causal factors. These data are essential tools for planning and evaluation prevention and care programs, and for ensuring that funds are targeted to those most in need and most affected by the epidemic.

Hepatitis Integration Project - The HIV/AIDS/Hepatitis Program offers free testing for Hepatitis C and vaccinations for Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B for persons at risk for these diseases. For more information, see the Prevention Activities page.

Comprehensive HIV Plan 2012-2015

The 2012-2015 Comprehensive HIV Plan serves as a statewide guide to responsive, effective, and efficient HIV service delivery in Iowa. Goals and strategies included in the strategic plan are designed to meet the specific needs of Iowans who are at high-risk for HIV infection, who are members of populations disproportionately impacted by HIV, and/or who are living with HIV/AIDS.

In accordance with direction from the Iowa Department of Public Health’s primary federal funding agencies for HIV-related programs, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), this comprehensive plan has been developed by Iowans to improve the effectiveness of the state’s HIV prevention and care programs by strengthening the scientific basis, relevance, and focus of prevention and care strategies.

It is also designed to align with the National HIV/AIDS Strategy, and to serve as Iowa’s statewide plan, as requested in the Strategy.

Draft Comprehensive HIV Plan 2017-2021 

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Fundamentals of HIV Prevention Counseling

HIV / AIDS Legislation

On July 1, 2007, new provisions about HIV testing in Iowa took effect (see HF 610 below). The provisions are intended to promote routine screening for HIV in health care settings, simplify and clarify consent requirements, and implement opt-out screening of all pregnant women. The brochure below describes those changes.

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