Title V Needs Assessment

Background Information

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Since May, staff from the Bureau of Family Health, the Oral Health Center and Child Health Specialty Clinics have been working to conduct the 5-year needs assessment for the Title V Maternal and Child Health block grant.

The Title V block grant is undergoing a transformation to reduce burden, maintain flexibility and improve accountability. As a result, new performance measures have been proposed, which were lined up against the current national and state performance measures, as well as the Association of Maternal and Child Health Programs’ Life Course Metrics. This crosswalk guided the development of broad topic areas used to create Iowa’s data detail sheets (DDSs). The DDSs will now serve as a springboard for stakeholder input and priority setting.

Data for the DDSs were gathered from a variety of state and national sources, as well as through a series of focus groups conducted with Iowa’s MCH agencies. Focus groups were conducted in multiple languages with 39 clients. Information obtained through the focus groups was combined with the quantitative data into the DDSs to provide a more client focused perspective.

Each data detail sheet consists of 6 sections:

  • Background;
  • Health and/or Cost Impact;
  • Current Status;
  • What is being done in Iowa?
  • Related Performance Measures;
  • Needs statements.

The DDSs are meant to provide a more robust context for the MCH situation and to be used in determining areas for prioritization.

The Focus Group Report gives further context to the MCH needs in Iowa from the client and family perspective.

Final Results of 2016 Title V Needs Assessment

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The results of the 2016 Title V Needs Assessment have been compiled into a final report. Through the needs assessment process, Iowa was able to answer the original question ‘What defines a healthy MCH/CYSHCN population?’ IDPH and UI-DCCH will use the results to develop a comprehensive action plan to address the eight National Performance Measures and five State Performance Measures over the next five years for the MCH population, including CYSHCN.

The goals and activities for the Title V program are open for public comment until June 17, 2015.

Final Report:

More Information

If you would like more information on the process thus far and future plans, please contact Sarah Mauch at (515) 725-2289 or James Olson at (515) 281-6880 in the Bureau of Family at IDPH.