Lead Poisoning Prevention

Mother and ChildChildhood lead poisoning has significant effects on the health of children and on community health. Lead has adverse effects on nearly all organ systems in the body. It is especially harmful to the developing brains and nervous systems of children under the age of six years.

Many of Iowa's pre-1950 homes contain lead-based paint. Young children who live in pre-1950 homes become lead-poisoned when they put paint chips or exterior soil in their mouths or when they get house dust and soil on their hands and put their hands in their mouths. Although lead poisoning can cause serious health problems--including death--most lead-poisoned children demonstrate no visible symptoms. This makes it much more important to have an effective program to prevent childhood lead poisoning.

For more information about Lead Poisoning Prevention, please Contact Us or call 1-800-972-2026.

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For more information about the Lead Poisoning Prevention Program, please call 1-800-972-2026