Evidence-Based Practices Workgroup


The Bureau of Substance Abuse Evidence-Based Practices Workgroup includes a diverse membership of prevention professionals throughout Iowa. Working in collaboration with these partners, the Evidence-Based Practices Workgroup focuses on completing the following strategies:

  • Develop a resource guide of substance abuse prevention best practices, programs, and policies that are evidence-based or evidence-informed as defined by IDPH. 
  • Develop a template of questions around substance use/misuse to be used in community needs assessments across Iowa.
  • Develop and launch a toolkit for communities to use when advocating for public policy change in the prevention of substance abuse.

Review Team

The Evidence-Based Review Team serves as a subcommittee of the Evidence-Based Practices Workgroup. This Review Team is responsible for reviewing submitted Waiver Request and Adaptation Forms from contracted agencies. These forms are submitted if a contractor requests to utilize a program, policy, or practice not currently listed in the IDPH approved list of evidence-based programs or if a contractor would like to request an adaptation of an evidence-based program, policy or practice. 

Resources and Reports

Who can I contact for more information?

Katie Bee at 515-214-3699

Janet Nelson at 515-214-7950