Iowa Public Health Data

Data Requests

*Due to a large number of data requests and staffing limitations, please allow at least 6 months for the processing of a request for confidential or implied confidential data. 

Confidential and implied confidential data may be requested from IDPH, but require an agreement for release. All data agreements are coordinated through the Data Management & Health Equity Program.

Summary data which are not considered implied confidential may be released without an agreement. For summary data, please contact the appropriate program area. A list of recommended county-level data sources can be found here.

Separate processes exist for research and non-research related confidential or implied confidential data requests. Please use the left navigation menu to access more information about each process. To determine if you request is considered research, please review the document below.

The Iowa Department of Public Health recommends starting requests for confidential or implied confidential data a minimum of 60 days prior to the project start date.

Public Health Practice vs. Research

Questions about data requests can be sent to RERC@idph.iowa.gov

Data Confidentiality

Confidential Public Health Information, Record, or Data: A record, certificate, report, data, dataset, or information which is confidential under federal or state law. As a general rule, public health records which contain personally identifiable information of a health-related nature are confidential under Iowa law.

Implied Confidential Public Health Data: Data which could be used to indirectly establish the identity of a person named in a confidential public health record by the linking of the released information or data with known external information which allows for the identification of such person. This commonly includes de-identified row-level information about an individual, and can also include some small count sizes.

For more information about the release of confidential or implied confidential IDPH data, please refer to the IDPH policy below.

Disclosure of Confidential Public Health Information, Records, or Data Policy PDF

For more information about Public Health Data, please call (515) 725-2179 or use the Contact Us system to submit a question online.