Brain Injury Services Program

The Brain Injury Services Program works to improve the lives of Iowans living with brain injuries by linking those individuals and their families to needed information, services, and supports as well as training service providers and other professionals on how to best work with people who have sustained a brain injury. 

Brain injuries are typically classified as either "acquired" or "traumatic".  Acquired brain injuries describe all types of brain injuries, which can be caused by conditions such as trauma to the brain, strokes, infections, poisoning or toxic exposures, or lack of oxygen to the brain.  Traumatic brain injuries can be caused by an external force such as hitting your head during a fall or car crash, from a collision with an object or another person during activities such as participating in sports or when assaulted.  Concussions are a type of traumatic brain injury. Brain Injuries not hereditary, congenital, or degenerative.

Screening Tools for Lifetime History of Brain Injury Now Available

The IDPH Brain Injury Program, in partnership with the Advisory Council on Brain Injuries, have made brain injury screening tools available to assist organizing supporting individuals at high risk for brain injury.  As part of a project funded by the Administration for Community Living's Traumatic Brain Injury State Partnership Program (TBI SPP) grant, two screening tools, one for adults (ages 13 and older) and one for pediatrics were modified for use in Iowa.   The adult tool has been translated into a variety of languages and both are available for download at https://idph.iowa.gov/brain-injuries/TBI-Implementation-Grant. Questions regarding implementing the screening tools can be sent to brain.injury@idph.iowa.gov or by calling Jim Pender at 515-204-7978.

Iowa Brain Injury Services Program Selected for Leading Practices Academy

The Iowa Department of Public Health's Brain Injury Services Program was one of five state programs selected to participate in the National Association of State Head Injury Administrators (NASHIA) inaugural Leading Practices Academy.  Through this opporutnity, Iowa will receive strategic and cutsomied techncial assistance to develop protocol and practices to improve outcomes for individuals with brain injury.  The team has developed a protocol for screening, assessing and making referrals for brain injury for parents who are identified as having a history of substance use disorder, mental health disorder, intimate partner violence or high level of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs).  To learn more about this project, email james.pender@idph.iowa.gov or call 515-204-7978.

Brain Injury Screening and Supports flow chart  PDF

Brain Injury & Parenting fact sheet  PDF

Advisory Council on Brain Injuries' Task Force to Review Impact of COVID-19 and Brain Injury 

At the Advisory Council on Brain Injuries' quarterly meeting in April, the council chair announced the formation of an ad hoc task force committee to review the impact of Covid-19 and brain injury.  This group will begin meeting in June and meetings are open to the public.  Meeting agendas and notes will be avialable at https://idph.iowa.gov/brain-injuries/advisory-council-on-brain-injuries/meeting-information.

If you are interested in more informaiton, email brain.injury@idph.iowa.gov. 

Need information and support during COVID-19?

Individuals with a disability resulting from a brain injury, their caregivers and loved ones, and professionals in the field have access to information and support throughout the year from the Brain Injury Alliance of Iowa's resource facilitation program.  This program is available Monday - Friday 8am - 4:30pm. 

Call 855-444-6443 or email info@biaia.org to speak with a resource facilitator.

For the latest information regarding COVID-19:



Need information or support following a brain injury?  The Brain Injury Alliance of Iowa is the Department of Public Health's contract partner for NeuroResource Facilitation.  You can talk to one of their staff by calling 855-444-6443 or by emailing info@biaia.org.


Additional information about brain injury can be found at https://biaia.org/resource-library/

For more information contact the Brain Injury Program Manager, at (515) 281-8465