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Community Health Needs Assessment & Health Improvement Planning (CHNA & HIP)

CHNA & HIP has more than a 30-year history in Iowa and represents vital local action to promote and protect the health of Iowans. At least every five years, local public health assures a community-wide process takes place to identify the most important factors affecting health in the community and to plan strategies to build on strengths and work on gaps. These CHNA & HIP discussions form the foundation for statewide planning and action to improve the health of all who live, work and play in Iowa.

Federal requirements for nonprofit hospitals to conduct community health needs assessments every three years present an opportunity for hospitals and local public health to join forces to identify needs and craft strategies for meeting them. Working together can result in greater collaboration between hospitals and local public health and an initiation of new partnerships. Both groups in the health system stand to gain from the relationship. Even more important, the community benefits when data, resources, and expertise are shared to attain the common goal of a healthier community.

To integrate Iowa’s established local public health CHNA & HIP process with these federal requirements for nonprofit hospitals, IDPH encourages a single, collaborative process when feasible with the results used to contribute to local and statewide health improvement efforts and to fulfill reporting requirements. The department will be flexible in its reporting requirements for local CHNA & HIP processes to support the integration with hospitals.

Use the links to the left or click below to learn more about CHNA & HIP in Iowa.

Guide and Reporting provides guidance for completing community health needs assessments and health improvement plans, including local reporting timelines and tools.

Community Health Needs provides maps showing the health issues identified as important by local communities during the most recent reporting period.

Health Improvement Plans provides highlights from progress on local HIPs and links by county to the most recent CHNA & HIPs submitted by local communities, including individual county reports of progress.

The Data page includes links to 3 different indicator reports local communities can use to complete CHNAs or monitor progress on HIPs as well as links to other local data sources.

The Resources page provides links to tools for developing, implementing, tracking, and evaluating health improvement strategies.

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Content source: Iowa Department of Public Health, Bureau of Public Health Performance

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