hawk-i Outreach

The Bureau of Family Health's hawk-i Outreach program provides grassroots outreach to families in all of Iowa's 99 counties.  Local hawk-i Outreach Coordinators are located in Iowa's Title V Child Health agencies, and provide outreach to schools, faith-based organizations, medical and dental providers, and special populations.  

Information for Families

Click here to find the local coordinator covering your county.  For information about the hawk-i program, please visit www.hawk-i.org, or call 1-800-257-8563.  

Resources for hawk-i Outreach Coordinators

Outreach Materials

Click on the links below for electronic versions of hawk-i Outreach materials.

Fact Sheets:

hawk-i Fact Sheet |  Spanish

hawk-i Dental Only Fact Sheet  |  Spanish

hawk-i Fact Sheet - half page  |  Spanish

hawk-i Fact Sheet - half page one sided  |  Spanish


Parent Brochure  |  Spanish

Teen Brochure

Links and other resources:

Outreach Material Print Request Form (coming soon!)

Release of Information