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What is Healthy Iowans?

Healthy Iowans is a collaborative process that sets the agenda for solving the top health issues facing Iowans so they can live longer, healthier, more productive lives and enjoy our rich quality of life. It has two components.  

  1. The state health assessment (SHA) involves public and private partners as well as people from across Iowa in identifying Iowa’s top health issues. 
  2. The state health improvement plan (SHIP) engages partners in planning to address Iowa’s top health issues. Since the 1990s, Healthy Iowans has included a set of measurable goals with objectives and action steps.

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To learn more about the entire process, view the Healthy Iowans snapshot PDF 


Healthy Iowans Partnership

As of 2022, the Healthy Iowans process is now driven by the Healthy Iowans Partnership, which includes a steering committee. The steering committee consists of representatives from 22 organizations in Iowa. These representatives were chosen due to their commitment to improving health, as well as their experience with health equity initiatives. The steering committee will play an important role in the development of Healthy Iowans’ assessments and plans. Responsibilities of the steering committee include:

  • Provide direction for the state health assessment (SHA) and state health improvement plan (SHIP)
  • Execute high level and time sensitive decision-making
  • Develop the vision, mission, and values of the Healthy Iowans process
  • Create assessment designs and recommend data collection methods
  • Construct goals, objectives, and strategies for the SHIP
  • Partner to implement identified strategies

Once the 2023-2027 SHIP is finalized, the steering committee will act as champions of the plan and will be involved in its promotion, implementation, and evaluation.

Our steering committee is passionate, driven, and a valuable addition to the Healthy Iowans process. We look forward to sharing more in the coming months! 


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Content source: Iowa Department of Public Health, Bureau of Public Health Performance