Mid-America ATTC - Periodic problem gambling trainings

Recorded IGTP Webinars

IPN Problem Gambling Treatment Series

IPN Problem Gambling Treatment Services and Expectations  (February 14, 2019)  Handouts PDF

IPN Problem Gambling Treatment 101 Part 1  (February 20, 2019)  Handouts PDF

IPN Problem Gambling Treatment 101 Part 2  (February 21, 2019)  Handouts 

IPN Problem Gambling Intervention and Treatment  (February 27, 2019)  Handouts 

IPN Problem Gambling Treatment: Legal/Financial Concerns  (March 7, 2019)  Handouts 

IPN Problem Gambling Treatment: Gambling Trends (March 20, 2019) Handouts PDF

IPN Problem Gambling Treatment: Gambling Screening Technical Assistance  ( May 23, 2019)

Voluntary Self-Exclusion Webinar  (January 2019) Handouts PDF


Looking to the Horizon:Trends in Problem Gambling Prevention, Treatment, and Recovery Services (6 part webinar series)

Bringing Video Games to the Casino: The Benefits, Challenges and Impacts (Blayne Graboyes, March 2018)  - Presentation Slides PDF

Harmonizing Massachusetts: How to achieve unified and effective responsible gambling programs  (Mark Vander Linden, Marlen Warner, May 2018)

Link between Opioid Use and Problem Gambling (Loreen Rugle, Ph.D, June 2018) - Presentation Slides  PDF

Never Enough (Michael J. Burke, February 2018)  - Presentation Slides PDF

Prevention of Problem Gambling via the SPF Lens (Julie Hynes, April 2018)  - Presentation Slides PDF

Spirituality and Mental Health: What Clinicians Need to Know (Dr. David Rosmarin, January 2018)  - Presentation Slides PDF

Other IGTP Webinars

Adult Iowan Gambling Attitudes and Behaviors  (Dr. Ki Park, June 2019) - This webinar reviews the results of the 2018 survey on Gambling Attitudes and Behavioras of Adult Iowans.

IGTP Manual Review (June 2015)  - This webinar reviews the new I-SMART Enhancements (Crisis Module, DG-SPS, 30 Day Follow-up) as well as all three IGTP Manuals (Data Entry User Guide, RSS Manual, and Data Integrity).

Iowa Self Exclusion Webinar (July 2017)  - This webinar reviews the changes to Iowa's Self-Exclusion legislation that went into effect on July 1, 2017)

Medication Assisted Therapy (MAT): Research for Pathological Gambling  (Jon Grant, JD, MD, MPH; March 2015)Presentation Slides PDF

Parkinson's/RLS Medication Affecting Increase in Problem Gambling (Dr. Anhar Hassan; April 2015) Presentation Slides PDF