Local Public Health Services (LPHS)

What is LPHS?

Health Services

The Local Public Health Services Grant  provides funding to each Local Board of Health for local programs to improve access to health services for those who fall between the cracks and often have no other options.  The grant is the funder of last resort.  Communities benefit through increased capacity to plan and implement population-based services, personal health activities, enviromental health services and education to get people information they need to make healthly choices.  


Local Public Health Services promotes and supports development of public health infrastructure at the local and state level. This includes consultation by Community Health Consultants (CHC) with local boards of health and the provision of technical assistance regarding the boards' role and responsibilities.The CHC's assist the local boards of health and local public health agencies to develop quality and effective services that are community-driven, culturally appropriate and responsive to their Community Health Needs Assessment and Health Improvement Plan and consistent with federal or state regulations and/or funding requirements.

Why are Local Public Health Services important to promoting and protecting the health of Iowans?

  • All Iowans deserve a local public health system that supports local capacity to assess, plan, and implement local health improvements.
  • Local boards of health have jurisdiction over public health matters within it's designated geographic area and assure all communities have services that help promote healthy behaviors and self-management of chronic disease.
  • Local public health services exist in all of Iowa's 99 counties and help the especially vulnerable populations access health related services, which promotes healthy Iowans and healthier communities.