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The vision of the Office of Medical Cannabidiol (OMC) at the Iowa Department of Public Health is to have a high-quality, effective, and compliant medical cannabidiol program for Iowa residents with serious medical conditions. The OMC works to balance a patient’s need for access to treatment of their debilitating medical condition, with the requirement to ensure the safety and efficacy of the products.


Accredited Medical Cannabidiol CMEs Available for Healthcare Practitioners

Linked below are two CME opportunities for Iowa's certifying healthcare practitioners. These courses introduce healthcare practitioners to the endocannabinoid system and its interaction with the components of the cannabis plant, therapeutic use, drug metabolism, physiologic and cognitive effects, potential risks, and drug interactions. Legal and medical considerations associated with the certifying a patient for the use of medical cannabidiol products are discussed as well:

​These courses, and other information for healthcare practitioners, are hosted within the "For Healthcare Practitioners" tab.


Notice to License Two Additional Dispensaries

On February 15, 2021, the OMC posted a notice of intent to license dispensaries in Council Bluffs and Iowa City, IA. Information on these Notices can be found on the Department's website at the links below:


Notice to License a Second Manufacturer

On September 8, 2020 the OMC released a Request for Proposals (RFP) to license a second medical cannabidiol manufacturer in Iowa. On December 22,2020, the OMC posted a notice of intent to license a manufactuer in Cedar Rapids, IA. Information on this Notice can be found on the Department's website at the link below:


COVID-19 Recommendations & Updates

During the response to COVID-19, the OMC will be fully operational. Live updates from the Department on Iowa's COVID response can be found HERE. We also encourage everyone to follow individual precautions as outlined by the CDC. The OMC also provides the additional guidance to patients, caregivers, and stakeholders: 

  • Online Application
    • Until otherwise notified, please submit all patient and caregiver applications online
    • If applying online is not an option, please mail your application and do not hand-deliver it to the Department
    • If submitting your application by paper in any way, you are likely to experience a delay in response time
  • Seeing a Physician
    • It may be difficult to see your physician during this time. Patients are encouraged to check with their physician about their ability to certify them electronically or by using telemedicine. If your physician cannot support telemedicine or see you during this time, please call the OMC and we will work to support you.
  • For the most frequentyly asked questions by our patients and caregivers, please review our  Medical Cannabidiol Patient FAQ 
  • For information on becoming a patient, please visit our "For Patients and Caregivers" page. 
  • For information on our online registration process, or to renew your card, please visit our "Patient Registration" page.   



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