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Statewide Perinatal Care Program

The Statewide Perinatal Care Program provides professional training, development of standards/guidelines of care, consultation to regional and primary providers and evaluation of the quality of care delivered to reduce the mortality and morbidity of infants. Through a contract with the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, these services are provided to all hospitals that perform deliveries. More intensive services are directed toward the following regional centers: two tertiary care centers, and 10 secondary centers.


47th Annual Iowa Conference on Perinatal Medicine (AICPM)

Iowa Regionalized System of Perinatal Care

Complete this form to request the survey link and a PDF copy of the survey.  Please note, only one individual per birthing hospital will receive a link to the survey.   

Newsletters from the Statewide Perinatal Care Program

The statewide Perinatal care Program provides two quarterly newsletters to providers of obstetrical and newborn care.

  • Progeny provides information to hospital-based staff caring for mothers and infants.
  • The Iowa Perinatal Letter provides clinically-oriented information to family physicians.
For more information:

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Iowa Department of Public Health
321 East 12th Street
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